[Koha] How to handle the support providers list (was Re: Spam from BestBookBuddies (OpenLX))

BWS Johnson abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 08:02:50 NZST 2017

Kia ora!
     I still hold the firm opinion that deleting the list is a cop out. The listing is one of the best ways that new Libraries find support if they are reluctant to do things themselves. Folks might want to think about linking Hea to this page so that people that are considering Koha can find like minded institutions nearby. It would be awesome if there were some way for existing libraries to signal that they are open to providing feedback about vendors.

     The suggested name change might help, and I would support that. I would also support removing any spammers.
     I feel strongly that Liz improved on the old list substantially. 

     It is very easy for companies that are now happily established to want to scrap this list. That action punishes startups and the optics are trash. Pulling the ladder up after yourself is not attractive.

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