[Koha] [Koha-devel] Results of the poll "Ready to help the Koha community?"

David Cook dcook at prosentient.com.au
Wed Aug 2 16:53:55 NZST 2017

Hi Jonathan,


I’m late to the Kanban party. How can one join? I’ve signed up to Taiga and I’ve visited https://tree.taiga.io/project/joubu-koha-rm-1711/epic/33, but I can’t see how to join the project in order to comment. 


C’est moi: https://tree.taiga.io/profile/dcook. 


I can’t promise that I’ll put a tonne of time into this, but due to my work on Linked Data/RDF (both on Bugzilla and CPAN), I figure I should participate on https://tree.taiga.io/project/joubu-koha-rm-1711/epic/33. 


David Cook

Systems Librarian

Prosentient Systems

72/330 Wattle St

Ultimo, NSW 2007



Office: 02 9212 0899

Direct: 02 8005 0595


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Hello everybody,

I have published the results of the poll, launched at the beginning of the 17.11 development release cycle.


There are the results, and a list of remarks and notes that

people did. I tried to give them answers.

I let you comment, if you have something to add.




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