[Koha] [Important] Update your MySQL|MariaDB configuration to avoid data loss

Bortel, Gary gary.bortel at sos.wa.gov
Wed Aug 2 08:01:44 NZST 2017

For a multi-tenant installation with multiple MySQL databases...

"The Solution" (https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/DBMS_auto_increment_fix) recommends adding "init-file=/var/lib/mysql/init-file_kohadev.sql" in the my.cnf MySQL configuration file, then creating the appropriately configured "init-file_kohadev.sql" file. Where there are multiple Koha databases, should one add multiple "init-file=..." statements to my.cnf as well as multiple init-file_kohadev.sql files? Or will MySQL only accept one init-file directive in which case the .sql file would include multiple blocks of code...one for each database?



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Hello everybody,

This is an important email and you should not ignore it.
If you are a librarian and have no technical skills you should forward this email to the administrator of your Koha installation.

We have been dealing with circulation history loss in the last versions of Koha, and we ended up with a solution.
You should read the following wiki page attentively and set up the proposed
solution: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/DBMS_auto_increment_fix

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