[Koha] New opac detail view for records

Katrin katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Nov 22 10:09:23 NZDT 2016

Hi Pedro,

the normal view can be changed by creating your own XSLT file and 
activating it using the OPACXSLTDetailsDisplay and XSLTDetailsDisplay 
system preferences.

The ISBD view can be changed via the OPACISBD and ISBD system preferences.

I would recommend not to change the templates or to create your own if 
you can avoid it, as it is likely to give you headaches when updating to 
a newer version later on. It's safer to use the preferences, CSS and jQuery.

What is the fourth view you want to implement?

Hope this helps,


On 10.11.2016 19:32, Pedro Amorim wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm just about to start diving into the core and figure out how the three
> different opac detail views are implemented (normal, marc and ISBD) so I
> can implement my own custom detail view and add a fourth one.
> However, and before I start doing so, I was wondering if anyone has
> done/attempted this before or at least if someone has some knowledge on
> what template files should I start and how to go about it.
> Thanks as always,
> Pedro Amorim
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