[Koha] Field 773 $t not editable in any framework

Paul A paul.a at navalmarinearchive.com
Sat Nov 19 04:28:25 NZDT 2016

At 03:32 PM 11/18/2016 +0100, Michael Kuhn wrote:
>But also $t (for the title) is needed. There, when clicking on "Advanced 
>constraints", nothing happens, so the tab will not open to mark the field 
>"Editor". Instead, if "Basic constraints" is open, it will close "Basic 
>constraints", but still "Advanced constraints" will not open.
>I also tried to unload the framework as an XML file and to edit it with vi 
>- unfortunately the file has about 4.4 million characters in only 28 
>lines! vi seems not to be able to edit a file with such extremely long 
>lines and just gets stuck, eating up 100% of cpu.

A bit of-topic for Koha, this used to be a problem years ago -- but [at 
least] 64-bit vim should open it OK.

>How to solve this? Is this a bug?

For your 773$t, what do you get if you run a "report" (replace xxx with 
your framework code):

SELECT tagsubfield, hidden FROM marc_subfield_structure where 
frameworkcode='xxx' and tagfield=773;

We don't use 773, so "hidden" is set to -6; if the latest interface doesn't 
allow you to change that, you could of course "INSERT" it in mysql 
(Disclaimer: all things like "last resort", "backup", be careful, not in 
production, only if you're comfortable...)

Best -- Paul

>Best wishes: Michael
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