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Peter N. M. Hansteen peter at bsdly.net
Thu Nov 10 11:23:34 NZDT 2016

On 11/09/16 22:33, ahmnas wrote:
> Hi friends
> I install Ubuntu 14.4 and Koha 16.5 and install postfix Gmail to send notice
> and check in and out the email send ok but when I check send all mailing my
> Gmail I don't show the massage and the email massage not shown to the
> patron, so how solve that problem

The short version: If you're not sure your sending domain is set up just
right, it's likely easier to send via somebody who already has a working
setup in place. And gmail.com is far from optimal for testing whether
you have a somewhat working SMTP outbound setup.

Slightly longer version:

Setting up a mail service for a domain so the messages it sends are
actually accepted by the world at large used to be simple enough in the
early days, but it has become incrementally harder over time.

Getting your mail delivered all the way to gmail end users is even
harder. Unless you pamper the (g)mail deities just right, their
machinery has been known to acknowledge receipt of individual messages
but then go on to having messages silently disappear and never reach
actual end user mail boxes.

The minimum requirements for a domain include

* at least two authoritative name servers
* valid MX records for the domain
* the mail exchangers designated in those MX records need proper reverse

In addition, you will need for your own pain mitigation make sure that

* you only relay for hosts in your own network(s)
* you have content filtering (spam/malware) in place on outgoing as well
as incoming, greylisting and friends help too but are not mandatory

Further, there's a school of thought that many mail architects and
admins subscribe to (including gmail and other heavies) that mandates
you set up

* SPF records (a DNS TXT item) that specify valid sending hosts for your
* DKIM records (a DNS TXT item) and make your MXes sign outbound mail
* DMARC records (a DNS TXT item) to combine the two plus some additional
data such as reporting

and to actually deliver to google-hosted domains and gmail most of the
time, you will sooner or later need to get them to generate a "google
site verification" ID for your domain (you guessed it: another DNS TXT
item), mainly because they do not actually trust the much ballyhooed
DMARC Rube Goldberg contraption anyway.

If you produce too many similar messages (in my case, hourly log
summaries), you will see them at random intervals refuse delivery and
bounce anyway. There will be other errors and failures, and of course
random factors that will interfere and cause issues.

Basically, running a mail service is not a trivial task, but if you put
the work in to do it right and respond quickly and sensibly to issues as
they occur, you will succeed. But it's understandable that a significant
subset of those who try just hand it all off to somebody else to handle
on their behalf.

Hope this helps.

- Peter

Peter N. M. Hansteen, member of the first RFC 1149 implementation team
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