[Koha] Koha version -- best how-to on barcode labels?

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Wed Nov 9 19:08:17 NZDT 2016

On 09/11/16 16:27, David M. Bucknell wrote:
> Dear Koha Friends,
> For  Koha 3.10, is there a great how-to format and print labels out 
> there?   When I search I get many old posts and wonder whether 
> something hasn't changed and improved.  Any urls you recommend would 
> be appreciated.  Thank you.
> Sincerely,
> David Bucknell in Bangkok

Hi David,
Your Koha version is four years old and no longer supported.  My 
recollection is that label printing was a bit difficult back then. Best 
to upgrade and follow contemporary guidance.
Bob Birchall

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