[Koha] Data Migration from OLD koha 3.11 to new Koha 16.05

Pedro Amorim pjamorim91 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 02:44:42 NZDT 2016

Hello Anuj,

First of all, I don't think you want/need to uninstall Koha, but if you
must, as per the documentation:
1) sudo koha-remove <instance>
2) apt-get remove koha-common

On the issue at hand, would you please provide additional information?
1) After you run the upgradedatabase.pl script does the upgrade run without
any errors?
2) Can you share the contents of any log files? Namely located at
3) Does the 'Software Error' only happen after you try to login in the
4) Can you share the output of your koha-rebuild-zebra? Does it run without
any errors?
5) Can you try and perform a yaz-client search and share the output?


Pedro Amorim

2016-10-28 4:55 GMT+00:00 Anuj Singh <ianuj.singhx18 at gmail.com>:

> Sir,
> I have two queries:-
> 1) How to* transfer old data from koha 3.11 version to new Koha 16.05
> version*,
>     Sir I tried a lot but couldn't succeed. Please Help me.
> 2) How to completely *uninstall koha*.
> Sir, It is a request please don't give me links of websites, I already done
> that and trying to do it from 2 weeks..., ask lots of people, but none of
> that know how I *transfer data from KOHA 3.11 to KOHA 16.05.*
> Somebody says that I will convert the koha 3.11 data to koha 16.05, and
> successfully he did that but the problem is I cannot able to search any of
> the books, journals etc . from either public OPAC or Koha Administration.
> Sir, I'm also sending the *steps that I have taking to to move the OLD koha
> 3.11 to new KOHA 16.05.*
>       a) First: *Drop the existing koha_library database;*
>       b) Second, *Restore the old database(Koha.sql) using following
> command*
> *             mysql -uroot -p koha_library < Koha.sql.*
>       c)  Third, In
> *Terminal I use following command *
> *             koha-upgrade-schema library*
>       d) *Fourth and Final command is-*
>            *sudo koha-rebuild-zebra -v -f library*
>  Sir, when I *login* it  gives *Software Error...*
> --
> Thanks & regards
> Anuj Singh
> (9473515233)
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