[Koha] Adventures upgrading Ubuntu

Nombre d0a10 at yahoo.es
Sat Jul 30 23:05:30 NZST 2016

El 29/07/16 a las 12:00, Nombre escribió:
> Hello all...
> I had Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with koha 16 installed as a local server to make
> tests and personal training.
> Today I've decided upgrade to Ubuntu 16 LTS, running update-manager, but
> update-manager decide by itself to uninstall koha-common, why?. O.K. is
> not an official package, but it's my package, please respect me and may
> koha....
> I've copied /etc/koha, var/lib/koha and /var/spool/koha and made a dump
> from Maria-DB databases, and I'm waiting for upgrade finish.
> I'll tell you about results...
> Regards

Hello again....

Some incidents upgrading: really koha-common was uninstalled but
afortunaly not the same with configurations. When all packages were
downloaded laptop went to off silently (I was in the kitchen), perhaps
the reason was temperature, it's very hot in Spain these days.

Finally I had to finish upgrade manually, and install manually
koha-common. After that laptop seems O.K. with 16.04 LTS, koha too.


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