[Koha] Slight delay for changes to IntranetUserJS to take effect

Paul A paul.a at navalmarinearchive.com
Sat Jul 30 05:04:24 NZST 2016

At 03:39 PM 7/29/2016 +0000, Tomas Cohen Arazi wrote:
>It is called 'caching'. It is a feature that prevents Koha to re-read all
>sysprefs on each call, but have them stored at hand to re-use them. It
>takes a while, but you could restart your memcached server for it to apply
>If you are storing sessions in memcache then your users will be logged out,

It could be memcached (for the sysprefs if you changed those, but memcached 
normally doesn't store .js files), however more likely your local browser 
cache (you say: "I typed till this much, refreshed the page, and the 
changes are there.") Unless of course you have enabled Apache caching (we 
have Cache-Control: no-cache for the intranet.)

>El vie., 29 jul. 2016 a las 12:37, Dalton Fury (<daltonfury42 at gmail.com>)
> > Hi,
> >
> > I don't know if it is a bug, a feature, or something wrong in my
> > installation.
> >
> > Can anyone explain why it will take some time for any changes made to
> > IntranetUserJS to take effect?
> >
> > I will save the changes, go to a page, view it's source, and the changes
> > are not seen. I typed till this much, refreshed the page, and the changes
> > are there.
> >
> > Why?
> >
> > Thanks!
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