[Koha] Multiple interfaces - one instance

Tom Hanstra hanstra at nd.edu
Thu Jul 28 01:30:48 NZST 2016

We are trying to fully understand how to make multiple interfaces for the
same Koha instance in order to have OPAC setups for a main site and a
branch site.

We found this post in the wiki:


and I see these lines in the koha httpd configuration file:

#  Repeat this virtualhost stanza changing the following environment vars to
#  create multiple OPAC interfaces with custom css and/or search limits:
#  SetEnv OPAC_CSS_OVERRIDE mystyle.css

but it is not fully clear how this all works.  Do we have to create two
different virtual hosts with IP aliases?  How much of the Apache
configuration needs to be repeated to get this all working?

If someone who has done this can give me some more concrete and complete
examples of this, with information on what changes need to be made within
Koha as well as example httpd configuration, that would really help.  Or
maybe there is additional documentation somewhere that is more complete?

Thanks in advance,
Tom Hanstra

*Tom Hanstra*
*Sr. Systems Administrator*
hanstra at nd.edu


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