[Koha] Sorry, your Google login failed

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
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You didn't state anywhere that you actually had set your primary email 
address to match the one that you are authenticating with Google login. Is 
your Koha primary email for that local user you want to log in as matching 
the Google email address that you are authenticating with?

Mark Tompsett

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I'm having trouble getting the Google login to work since
upgrading/rebuilding Koha (we rebuilt the VPS and followed the install
guide: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Debian).

*The problem:*
1) I can log in through my local account, no problem.
2) I then try to login through my Google account
3) After pressing allow from the accounts.google.com site, a message is
displayed: /Sorry, your Google login failed. .../ The full message is below.

"Log in to your account
Google login
Sorry, your Google login failed. The email address you are trying to use is
not associated with a borrower at this library.
Please note that the Google login will only work if you are using the e-mail
address registered with this library.
If you want to, you can try to log in using a different account Log in with
If you do not have a Google account, but do have a local account, you can
still log in:"

There are no errors in the Apache log files.

Since we had troubles, I'm following the testing guide to configure the
OAuth login:

I removed the Google OAuth entries:
DELETE FROM systempreferences WHERE variable LIKE 'GoogleO%';

I then ran the upgrade schema tool, as I did when I imported the db:
sudo koha-upgrade-schema keiin_lib

I added values back in admin panel (Home › Administration › System
preferences > Google OpenID Connect

I confirmed the 4 values are displayed in the MySQL DB:
SELECT * FROM systempreferences WHERE variable LIKE 'GoogleO%';

Any thoughts?

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