[Koha] Patron import problem 3.22

Liz Rea liz at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Jul 12 09:07:31 NZST 2016

Hi Elaine,

This was a bug in 3.22.06 - I've seen it too and there was a patch for
it included in 3.22.07:

Hope this helps,


On 12/07/16 06:43, Elaine Bradtke wrote:
> We routinely import patron records (derived from our membership database)
> and overwrite the old ones in order to update expiration dates, addresses,
> etc.
> I recently ran this process through our test site (running 3.22.06) and it
> failed. The error message I got back was the records were not imported
> because the userid was already in use or missing. I had chosen 'overwrite
> matching records'
> Oddly, the import process  worked fine in the production site
> running 3.22.07
> Is there a system preference I should check in the test site?
> Maybe this is related to Bug 15840 - Import borrowers tool explodes if
> userid already exists
> ​We match on cardnumber,  Is this the same as the userid? We don't have a
> column in our csv file called userid.​

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