[Koha] Introducing "Mana" (central DB project)

Arslan Farooq arslanone at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 19:25:51 NZST 2016

Congratulations Paul, BibLibre, Morgane !

This will be great :-)

On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 3:03 PM, Paul Poulain <paul.poulain at biblibre.com>

> Some months ago I sent an email to koha-devel, to announce that BibLibre
> was planning to work on a new project, dedicated to sharing informations
> between Koha (
> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SharingDatasBetweenKohas_rfc).
> I'm proud an happy to give you feedback about this project: things are
> moving quickly & nicely.
>  * *Morgane*, our intern -alex_a being the tutor) is doing a great job
> (you can congratulate her on #koha ;-) )
>  * we've named this project "*Mana*". It's a Maori word (once again :D),
> easy to pronounce & write.
> http://maoridictionary.co.nz/search?&keywords=mana : "*(verb)* to be
> legal, effectual, binding, authoritative, valid." I'll ask for
> mana.koha-community.org DNS entry soon !
>  * as announced by Morgane, we're using the same framework as for HEA for
> the server side. The code is available on our git:
> http://git.biblibre.com/biblibre/koha-mana (will be pushed later on
> git.koha-community.org). The DB is here, some webservice are already here
> & working.
>  * The koha-side is being worked, below are some screen shots.
>  * we changed some things compared to my initial RFC. Everything is on
> trello, splitted into cards (https://trello.com/b/BslL6i9p/mana-biblibre
> trello not public, claire, the owner is not here today, we'll change the
> status in a day or 2.) Note that there can be some French on trello, even
> if Morgane avoid it.
> We plan to have MANA working at the end of august, at least for
> subscriptions (pattern & numbering) sharing. Maybe also for SQL reports &
> vendors.
> Some screen shots & features descriptions:
>  in subscription management, you can now *share* a subscription pattern,
> by sending it to Mana:
> When you click on "share", after validation, you get a *feedback*:
> Anyone can then retrieve the numbering pattern & frequency calculation
> when creating a subscription (work being done this week). After the 1st
> screen of subscription creation, Koha will automatically query mana and
> check if there is some data available:
> The librarian will then be able to see what is available and get it
> locally in one click.
> Every time a librarian "get it locally", a counter will be incremented on
> Mana. Thus, if more than 1 frequency/pattern is submitted for a given
> title, the librarians should be able to see which one is "preferred" by
> other librarians.
> Additional features:
>  * we will create a script that will help populate Mana from a CSV. We
> will probably issue a RFF ("Request For File" ;-) ) later. Our idea is that
> we want to launch Mana with many data already available.
>  * comment. Any librarian will be able to add a comment to a shared data,
> as well as marking it as "obsolete".
>  * a syspref will be added to deactivate Mana (will be ON by default)
> Feel free to ask for more informations, I would be happy to answer !
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