[Koha] New Kohaer question

Doug Dearden dearden at sarsf.org
Thu Jul 7 03:40:08 NZST 2016

Hi Jimmy,

I have installed Debian on a Mac, but not for use with Koha.  This is just a matter of matching the version of Debian you are installing with the processor that is in the Mac.  In my case it was an older Mac with the Motorola processor.  If you have newer hardware it probably has the intel processors.  If you still have OS X installed you can get all the hardware info by clicking on the apple icon and choosing "About this Mac".  You may need to look at the advanced info to see everything.  When you have that info you can download the correct Debian install and follow the installation instructions on the Debian website.  



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Dear Kohaers,

Do you have any experience to install Koha in Mac os x? no Debian no VM.

If no, How do I install Debian in Mac machine? I would like re-image mac os
x with Debian.


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