[Koha] Having problem using UNIMARC in Z39.50 target

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jul 1 08:32:57 NZST 2016

You can't mix UNIMARC and MARC21 in one Koha. It sounds like you are trying to load a UNIMARC record into a MARC21 framework.

Koha can't do that conversion for you (in fact nothing can in a lossless way yet)

Does this sound like what is happening?


On 1 July 2016 8:20:27 am NZST, Andy Boze <boze.1 at nd.edu> wrote:
>Hi, all. I'm wondering whether anyone else is using a UNIMARC Z39.50 
>target and having a similar problem. We're running Koha
>I've set up a target for Bibliothèque nationale de France using the 
>following settings.
>Hostname: z3950.bnf.fr
>Port: 2211
>Database: TOUT-UTF8
>Userid: Z3950
>Password: Z3950_BNF
>Syntax: UNIMARC
>Encoding: utf8
>Record type: Bibliographic
>I got the configuration information from 
>In the Koha cataloging module, I can retrieve records from BnF via 
>Z39.50, but Koha doesn't display the results correctly. Most of the 
>columns are blank. The author column contains data from the 100 field. 
>In UNIMARC the 100 field contains general processing data, not the 
>author. It appears to me that even though the target is configured as 
>UNIMARC, Koha is trying to display the results as MARC21.
>Is this a bug in Koha, or is there something else I need to do? I get 
>the same results when I try the ByWater Solutions demo system. BTW, 
>here's a copy of my YAZ session.
>Z> open tcp:z3950.bnf.fr:2211 /TOUT-UTF8
>Sent initrequest.
>Connection accepted by v3 target.
>Name   : Frontal Z3950 BnF
>Version: Version 1.0
>Options: search present delSet scan namedResultSets
>Z> find @attr 1=4 history
>Sent searchRequest.
>Received SearchResponse.
>Search was a success.
>Number of hits: 15583, setno 1
>records returned: 0
>Z> format UNIMARC
>Z> show 3
>Sent presentRequest (3+1).
>Records: 1
>Record type: Unimarc
>00493nam  22000733n 450
>100    $a   s 1873u           y0fre 50
>200 1  $a  The  History of Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 
>including a brie
>f narrative of all the most important events which have occurred in 
>Europe since
>  the fall of Napoleon I until the overthrow of the Second Empire and 
>the death o
>f Napoleon III, by John S. C. Abbott... with illustrations
>700  | $a Abbott $b John Stevens Cabot $f 1805-1877 $4 070
>801  0 $a FR $b FR-751131015 $c   s 1873 $g AFNOR
>nextResultSetPosition = 4
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>University of Notre Dame
>208A Hesburgh Library
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