[Koha] Destiny to Koha Marc Import - How to get barcode information in the right field in Koha?

Lamb Joseph joseph_lamb at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 05:24:56 NZDT 2016

I have uploaded an export of Destiny in my test Koha database. I cannot search for the bar code when checking out a book. The bar code information is in 852 $p. I can search and find the bar code using search catalog function.
How do I map 852 field/P sub-field to Koha database to populate the bar code field?
I have created a new framework for Books. I also created a Keyword to MARC mapping. I put in bar code to 852 sub-field P. 
After I import the MARC records from Destiny, Koha does not register an Item Type on the Holdings tab. So how do I created a book from the marc record?
Not sure if I am heading in the right direction. Any advice is appreciated. Joseph Lamb

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