[Koha] Koha upgrade 3.18.11 --> 3.20.07

Frédéric Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Wed Jan 13 19:57:06 NZDT 2016

> I assume checkouts and returns continue to work. (There's no way to verify
> since the checkout information doesn't appear.) This does, however, make it
> difficult for them to renew materials for patrons.

Yes, no visual feedback but it works.

> Any suggestions?

The 3.20 package will be updated, fixing this bug, this week-end. In the
meantime, if you want, you can apply a quick fix following this procedure:

- Access your Koha server with shell.

- Locate the file 'checkouts' in your local Koha installation. It is in 'svc'
  subdirectory of the Koha home directory.

- Change your working directory to the directory containing 'checkouts'.

- Run this command:

  wget -O checkouts http://tinyurl.com/zg6ukte

  It retrieves a valid 'checkouts' program.

Kind regards,
Frédéric DEMIANS

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