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BWS Johnson abesottedphoenix at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 29 23:33:56 NZDT 2016


> Am looking for an sql report that can help me  analyse my collection
> according to specific subjects offered in specific programmes in the
> university.The report should be able to give me bibs and items attached to
> each bib.
> Went through the KOHA wiki reports couldn't find what i needed.
> Anyone out there with this solution?i would really appreciate.

    A conspectus button. I like this idea! 

    Remember, even according to Our Company Loves Ca$h, you're dealing with Division, Category, Subject. So at the very least, you'll prolly need summat like 9-12 passes. (Division + Specific Programme + Bibs et cetera) 

    Unfortunately, it requires a lot of diligence up front. Hopefully, you have paid a queen's ransom for a good cataloguer. That person has then put enough identifiers on each individual record to discern precisely what subject makes the most sense for the material at hand. You then have to crosswalk this with your individual programmes. So to my feeble mind, 

---->I would say that you want a call number report first. 

    Then the next step is to collaborate with Faculty to see which call numbers they feel like they use the most in each course. If you have paid a queen's ransom for a bibliographer or reference Librarian, perhaps they have already helped you along this road by compiling subject guides that are specific for each course. 

---->Look at the guides and derive the call number ranges from there.

    Alternatively, your clever cataloguer might have already generated an itemtype for each specific programme, or they might be held in a different collection [you might have an agriculture Library, a medical Library , et cetera] , or it could be that you have a course reserves shelf.

---->All of these are conspectus breadcrumbs.

    Finally, if you really like pain, you'll have to delve into the subject headings themselves, since I definitely don't know anyone that bodges the call number on a regular basis. *cough*

    So at this point, you might be asking yourself "Self, is this worth it?" The answer is yes. :D

---->Divide the labour by bringing in your subject bibliographers and extra helpers early. Give each person a range they would like to work on. Win.

    Some nerd on this list probably knows how to do this better by now since it was an election cycle ago BUT it's good for a granular geeky look at this.


    Finally, a whole lotta tools and links from Northwestern.


    Hope this helped at least a little as you think about how to make the computer help you conduct your conspectus.

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