[Koha] Using Koha to manage equipment loans

Nicolas Legrand nicolas.legrand at bulac.fr
Wed Sep 30 22:36:08 NZDT 2015

Hey Elaine,

Elaine Bradtke <eb at efdss.org> writes:

> We have several laptops, cameras and recording equipment that various
> members of staff use, take off site, etc. The current method of keeping
> track of them is inadequate, and I proposed that we use Koha for checking
> them in and out, placing holds,  tracking use, etc;  all functions Koha can
> do.
> We don't want the equipment to appear in the public catalogue, and I don't
> want non-library staff poking around in the nether regions of the library
> catalogue. But I also don't want the library staff to be burdened with
> keeping track of equipment that belongs to and is generally used by another
> department.
> I'd like to hear how other libraries have handled this.

At the BULAC, we lend laptops, ethernet cables (please don't ask why
:)), headsets, remote controls to our patrons, for on-site use only.

We put a specific itype for circulation rules : MATER (matériel
informatique -> computer equipment). We have one record per equipment
type (one for laptops, one for ethernet cables...).

We don't want those equipments to appear in the OPAC. We use the
OpacSuppression syspref. We defined a suppress index on field 942$n (we
use UNIMARC, not sure about why this particular field, I'm not a
libriarian :)) and all the MATER records have "1" in the 942$n field. No
result in the OPAC, searchable in the intranet.

>  I am considering setting up another branch, just for equipment.  Would it
> be easy to limit access to one branch but keep the main collection open for
> all? Or would I have to set up a completely different Koha installation?
> Our test site for instance is completely separate, limited to a couple of
> IP addresses, and the OPAC requires a login - something like that would
> work for equipment.

I'm sorry I can't answer this part, it's beyond our usage and I have no
idea about it.


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