[Koha] Migrate all Koha data from old server to new server

khurram khurramamc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 19:57:50 NZST 2015

Carol Ku <carolcool01 at ...> writes:

> Would the following instruction work for stand alone koha on windows? 
Would myuser-3OOmeqoDtxV54TAoqtyWWQ at public.gmane.org still applicable to
Koha on Windows' C drive?Greg Vickers
<daehenoc-sFbbPxZDHXw0n/F98K4Iww at public.gmane.org> wrote:  Joshua Ferraro
wrote:>Hi Greg,>>Probably the safest way to proceed is to install Koha on
the new server,>then just mysqldump the Koha database on the old server and
restore it>to the new server. Something like this:>># mysqldump -ukohaadmin
-pmypass --add-drop-table Koha > koha.sql># scp koha.sql
myuser-3OOmeqoDtxV54TAoqtyWWQ at public.gmane.org:>>Then on the new server:>>#
mysql -ukohaadmin -pmypass Koha < /home/myuser/koha.sql>>Hope that helps,
let us know how it goes.>>Cheers,> >WIN! All data
>  transferred successfully! Thank you Joshua, you are a champion
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