[Koha] "DataTables warning" on detail.pl (Staff Interface)

le-grex post at grex.is-lost.org
Wed Nov 25 05:40:24 NZDT 2015


i have a problem i have no solution for:

A user played (indeed on a "sandbox", latest Stable Koha) with user
permissions and misc. settings in the Administration menu. And yes it's
totally unclear, what exactly made this effect happen or what he did,
but here it is:

If you now search for books in the opac staff interface as a user who is
not superlibrarian, i got a error message:

"DataTables warning: table id=DataTables_Table_1 - Requested unknown
parameter '8' for row0."

There i can click OK and it's all working, i don't see any problem,
besides this annoying error message.

A Superlibrarian doesn't see this error. And it's only on the detail.pl
view, so i.e. not on MARCdetail.pl and so on.

There are two other Koha-Instances on this, they don't have this
problem. I even tried to restore an older Version of the Database of
this Instance with no effect.

So i'm lost for now, not sure where to start.

I hope you have an idea.

Thank you,


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