[Koha] Accounting transactions in Koha

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Tue Nov 24 10:55:54 NZDT 2015


In an accounting journal you usually enter a line (date, amount, reason 
etc) and it stays there as it is so you can go back anytime and look how 
the line looked, or you can calculate the sum of some given users, 
accounttypes etc over a certain period.

I was highly surprised to see in Koha these lines are not consistent but 
instead over time they are changing not only the original amount but 
also the date! For example if accountline_id 1 originally had a date of 
2015-10-01 and an amount of $ 2.00 it may have changed its date to 
2015-11-03 and an amount of $ 3.00. Can someone please explain what 
exactly happens with the money amounts and dates that are listed in the 
table "accountlines"? Is this described somewhere?

It is absolutely necessary for us to have some kind of proof how much 
money was taken in cash by the library every day and also over certain 
periods of time. What we in fact need is an accounting journal where ALL 
the accounting transactions are comprehensible over time. Does such a 
thing exist in Koha at all? How do other libraries handle this problem?

Kind regards, Michael

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