[Koha] Koha Networking issues

Paul A paul.a at navalmarinearchive.com
Tue Nov 24 08:21:56 NZDT 2015

At 01:16 AM 11/23/2015 -0800, Ken K wrote:
>Hello, I'm a librarian in a public library and we recently installed koha
>in the library server via a virtual machine using Oracle Virtual-Box and
>assigned it a pubic IP, to enable worldwide access of the opac. However,
>there has been a lot of Internet fluctuations in the library which has been
>inconveniencing the circulation of books making the library staffs to make
>use of offline circulation in the busy library. I was asking whether there
>is a way to enable private IP inside the organization local network to be
>used as a fallback network when the Internet is lost.

Disclaimer: I have no experience of an "Oracle Virtual-Box"

You say it's on "your" server, I assume inside your building, with either 
WiFi or hard-wired connectivity. You don't say whether you're using Apache 
2.2 or 2.4, but both should work if you just set up suitably enabled 
"sites" (more or less mirrors of what is already working for you 
"publicly") with internal addresses (either name- or IP-based.)

This is a little outside the scope of Koha, and depending on your level of 
comfort, you might be well advised to have an IT specialist with networking 
experience set it up for you.

As a data point, our OPAC is "public" <http://opac.navalmarinearchive.com>, 
but *all* our internal connections (cataloguers, staff, visitors, kiosks) 
use a local connection -- it's totally transparent, same servers, same 
database, just doesn't go half way round the world on public wires...

Best -- Paul 

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