[Koha] question on bug 6874 and html5 video streaming

Mirko Tietgen mirko at abunchofthings.net
Tue Nov 17 07:58:47 NZDT 2015

Hi Hugo,

you're right, it is not possible at the moment. I have a draft patch
that appears to fix it, but it needs more work.

It's not the highest thing on my list right now, feel free to
sponsor a few hours if you think it is important.




Mirko Tietgen
mirko at abunchofthings.net

Hugo Agud schrieb am 16.11.2015
> Good morning
> We're still checking koha 3_22 beta and one librarian raised one question
> on attach a file to bibliographic.
> The patch works fine, but I guess that what we're checking it is not part
> of the functionality but we wish to ask for confirmation.
> We have configured upload_file propertly and it works fine!, but we have
> tried to use in conjuntion with html5 and it is not working (html5 video
> streaming or image 856)
> I guess it is because it creates a link to the file, it just call to koha
> the file... right?
> URL: http://<<koha>>/cgi-bin/koha/
> opac-retrieve-file.pl?id=cb25c0c1a55915464623ccc60649e73d
> I was thnking on those who wish to upload videos or images and wish to
> publish using html5
> Thanks you in advance!

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