[Koha] Koha glacially slow

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Nov 13 13:54:25 NZDT 2015

Aparrish schreef op do 12-11-2015 om 12:13 [-0700]:
> The problem is that if you follow the wiki package instructions
> verbatim, on
> a clean LAMP install, it spits out that koha-common can't be installed
> because it depends on libnet-z3950-zoom-perl. Trying to install this
> returns
> an error because it depends on a virtual package, perlapi-5.18.2. I
> would
> much prefer the package install if anyone could explain how to resolve
> this. 

Please do:

apt-cache policy libnet-z3950-zoom-perl and paste it here.

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