[Koha] OPAC not allowed to put a hold if a book is still a shelf

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Fri Nov 13 08:24:03 NZDT 2015

On 13/11/15 06:07, Tim Koop wrote:
> Does anybody know if it is possible to not allow a patron on the OPAC site to
> put a hold on a book if there is still a book on a shelf?
> And a similar question, what if someone does that?  What if someone logs in to
> the OPAC and puts a hold a book that is not taken out?  Does the librarian get
> an email saying to go quickly snatch that book?  Or is the next person who tries
> to take this book out not allowed to?
> We would prefer to not even allow this case.  We want to just disallow it.
> Thanks
> --
> Tim
Hi Tim,
There's a Circulation system preference: AllowOnShelfHolds.
Set it to 'Don't Allow'.

Bob Birchall

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