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Tajoli Zeno z.tajoli at cineca.it
Fri Nov 13 05:28:58 NZDT 2015


Il 12/11/2015 16:20, Jesse Lambertson ha scritto:
> I do, however, have one more question regarding this:
> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/How_to_add_new_zebra_index

I do a correction on this wiki page. Now it si OK.

> It was posted by someone who was also in need of adding non-default
> index fields to the list.

The wiki page is correct. But your case is much more complex.

Also the wiki page about olb books it is OK, but you can use it
only as basic how-to to undestand how config indexing work.

> Does anyone know anything about the steps as suggested there or do we
> really need to rework the whole thing because of the Arabic and the
> linkages to their respective fields?

You don't to delete part of default indexing config, you need to add 880 
indexing. But it is difficult, because you need to backport bug 14217, 

If you migrate to 3.22 [it arrive at the end of november 2015]
you still need to change default indexing to use 880 more deeply.

I suggest you to open a bug on bugzilla.
Add 10-20 marc record from your catalogue with 880 to do tests.

Zeno Tajoli

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