[Koha] Koha 3.22 beta released

Tomas Cohen Arazi tomascohen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 03:35:21 NZDT 2015

A beta release of Koha 3.22 is now available for download. We encourage all
users of Koha to consider downloading and testing the beta prior to its
release later this month.

Debian packages for this beta will be available soon on the unstable

Koha 3.22 is a major release, that comes with many new features. This beta
preview is released for testing purposes. Its use on production sites
is discouraged.

Draft release notes and download links can be found below. Share and enjoy
(and test)!

Download: http://koha-community.org/download-koha/
Draft release notes: http://koha-community.org/koha-3-22-beta-released/

Note: if you want to try the new Plack integration, read the instructions
here: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Plack

Thanks everyone!

Tomás Cohen Arazi
Theke Solutions (http://theke.io)
✆ +54 9351 3513384
GPG: B76C 6E7C 2D80 551A C765  E225 0A27 2EA1 B2F3 C15F

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