[Koha] Classification code on bibliographic record

Mirko Tietgen mirko at abunchofthings.net
Wed Nov 11 22:11:25 NZDT 2015

Hi Krister,

Krister Andréason schrieb am 11.11.2015

> The 084 field is shown when editing the bibliographic record and it’s shown on the marc view in the staff interface.
> However, it is not shown on the bibliographic record in the staff interface (/catalogue/detail.pl). Nor is it shown in the opac.
> Maybe we have to make a new xslt stylesheet for Swedish libraries?

as long as you stick to the MARC21 specs, you could also add it to
the standard stylesheet in Koha for everyone to use.




Mirko Tietgen
mirko at abunchofthings.net

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