[Koha] Check out more DVDs for "good behavior"

Christopher Davis mr.cataloger at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 08:07:39 NZDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

Is there a way in which Koha can *automatically* increase the number of
DVDs a patron is allowed to check out on their account based on their "good
behavior" (e.g., their account carries no late fees, no lost item fees, no
overdue items, etc.)?

I know that Koha currently has a cron which moves patron accounts from a
minor patron category into an adult patron category once the said patron
has turned 18 years of age. I am wondering if a similar cron could be
programmed to move patron accounts from a "four-DVDs" patron category to an
"eight-DVDs," or "twenty-DVDs" patron category by evaluating the "good
behavior" criteria which I specified in the paragraph above.

Is this a ludicrous idea? Your thoughts?

Thank you,

Christopher Davis, MLS
Systems & E-Services Librarian
Uintah County Library
cgdavis at uintah.utah.gov
(435) 789-6261

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