[Koha] Report help: count of certain subfield values

Kallinen Pasi Pasi.Kallinen at pttk.fi
Tue Nov 10 20:41:42 NZDT 2015

Hi all,

I've been pondering how to do this report, but haven't found a good solution:

I'd like to have a list of all subfield values for certain subfield from biblioitems, and have counts of the field contents.

For example:

   ExtractValue(marcxml, '//datafield[@tag=<<Field>>]/subfield[@code="<<Subfield>>"]') AS kentta
FROM biblioitems
GROUP BY kentta
ORDER BY count(*), kentta

This works, except when the field or subfield is repeatable, because the values from a single record are concatenated by MySQL, with the values separated by spaces. This means it's impossible to know if the space is a separator between the field values, or part of a field value.

(If only Koha stored the marcxml data in a database-query friendly format too...)

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