[Koha] Koha glacially slow

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Nov 6 11:47:17 NZDT 2015

Aparrish schreef op do 05-11-2015 om 11:43 [-0700]:
>   PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND    
> 28682 www-data  20   0  358772 119388  11720 R  29.9  3.9   0:03.49 404.pl     
> 28684 www-data  20   0  355888 116532  11692 R  29.2  3.9   0:03.26 404.pl     
> 28686 www-data  20   0  349444 112028  11592 R  25.2  3.7   0:03.09 404.pl     
> 28685 www-data  20   0  350104 112676  11632 R  24.6  3.7   0:03.16 404.pl     
> 28683 www-data  20   0  358608 119188  11684 R  23.9  3.9   0:03.49 404.pl     

These 404 scripts are key.

> Sorry, that came out very poorly formatted, but mysqld is the next highest
> item of interest. apache generally doesn't even make it onto this top page,
> nor does zebra. So I guess the top ones are Koha perl scripts then? 


> Unfortunately I don't have firefox installed at the moment, using iceweasel,
> but if that data is important I'll go back and get that figured out. 

Nah, that's fine.

> Also, one final thing. My Koha installation is text only. The html
> formatting and visual elements are all missing. Is this a problem with my
> installation, with the hardware requirements of the computer, or is this a
> setting problem with Iceweasel? 

This is a configuration problem, and is causing your slowdown.

What is happening is that you have a path set wrong somewhere, and the
browser is using that to fetch things like CSS and images. However,
whenever it 404s, it launches a Perl script, and you have several 404s
happening at once. If it could just deliver the file, it'd be very fast
and take next to no resources, but as you have several incorrect
requests going out, each one launches a script, you end up with many
running at once, and things go slow.

Fix your CSS and image paths, etc. and your koha will be fast again.

You can get more information by using the browser's inspection thing to
view network traffic and see which ones are returning 404. Ideally it
should be none.

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