[Koha] export from 3.01 --> import to 3.20

Scott Owen sowen at edzone.net
Fri Nov 6 04:09:23 NZDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm trying to export my collection from an older version of Koha :

Koha version: version ('uname -a'):Linux koha3 2.6.26-2-686 #1
SMP Thu Aug 19 03:44:10 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/LinuxPerl interpreter:
/usr/bin/perlPerl version:5.010001

and get the MARC file for import into a new version. (

the export file seems to be OK , and I am exporting "items" (the "don't
export items" option is not checked)

however... when I try and import the file...they stage fine , the records
show, and the import completes,  but it seems that no items are added ???

(I've tried to send screen shots....but the list message size won't let me
.....   )

According to the export...Items are automagically added unless otherwise
I'm guessing I may have to modify the export to get the "item" field setup
correctly for import into the newer version?

Anyone know exactly what needs to be modified / changed ?

*************************example export

=LDR  01283nam a2200301   4500
=008  080817t\\\\\\\\xxu|||||\||||\00|\0\eng\d
=008  040720s2004\\\\nyu\\\\c\\\\\\000\1\eng
=010  \\$a  2003009602
=020  \\$a0689857942 :$c15.95
=020  \\$a9780689857959 (pbk.) :$c5.99
=082  \\$aF HAD
=090  \\$c2$d2
=092  \\$aJ Haddix
=100  1\$aHaddix, Margaret Peterson.
=245  10$aAmong the brave /$cMargaret Peterson Haddix.
=260  \\$aNew York :$bSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers,$cc2004.
=300  \\$a229 p. ;$c22 cm.
=440  \0$aShadow children ;$vbk. 5.
=500  \\$aSequel to: Among the Barons.
=520  \\$aIn a society that allows families to have only two children, a
group of third-borns tries to save themselves and others like them.
=526  \\$aAccelerated Reader - Quiz #78248$b3rd-7th Grade$c5.1$d7.0
=650  \1$aScience fiction.
=650  \1$aFuture in literature.
=650  \1$aDystopias$vFiction.
=942  \\$cBOOK
=999  \\$c1$d1




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