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Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
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Paul A schreef op do 29-10-2015 om 18:10 [-0400]:
> But this brings up the question "how to restore a deleted biblio?"
> It's 
> been mentioned a couple of times on this list, with people trying to
> use 
> MySQL INSERT statements and failing without using MarcEdit as an
> intermediary.

It's easy. The simple but risky way is:

insert into biblio (select * from deletedbiblio where biblionumber=2);
insert into biblioitems (select * from deletedbiblioitems where biblionumber=2);
delete from deletedbiblioitems where biblionumber=2;
delete from deletedbiblio where biblionumber=2;

This presupposes that the columns are identical in order between
biblio(items) and deletedbiblio(items), which should be true but may not

The better way is something like:

insert into biblio (biblionumber, frameworkcode, author, ...) select biblionumber, frameworkcode, author, ... from deletedbiblio where biblionumber=2;

filling out all the fields, and obviously '2' is the example
biblionumber I'm using.

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