[Koha] Take a copy of Koha library

Dalal Al-Akhras dakhras at mcst.edu.sa
Sun Mar 22 19:39:27 NZDT 2015


Could you please help me!

We have this library http://library.mcst.edu.sa  (Koha version 3.12.07).
I'd like to install a copy of the library (same files + DB) on a virtual
machine in order to make some tests because I don't want to make the tests
on the production environment.

I don't have much experience in Ubuntu and koha.
Could you please tell me how can I take a copy from that library, or guide
me to any useful article or YouTube.

Thank you for your cooperation

*Dalal Al-Akhras*
Application Specialist | IT department | Almaarefa Colleges



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