[Koha] Proposal to remove the 'Paid support' list

Tomas Cohen Arazi tomascohen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 02:06:31 NZST 2015

The subject is self-explanatory. But I'll try to explain my position a bit

The project doesn't have a partner program, so being listed there only
means you are listed.

What is the benefit for people listed? I would say marketing and/or some
SEO advantage (Liz told me there are counter measures applied so it is not
used for SEO). Some places, notably India and others, expect some kind of
official certification for service providers, and people are referring to
being listed on the site as a way to certify their validation as service

I think this hurts the project, because people tend to trust some quality
degree is assured if companies are listed, which we cannot certify; and
also makes community members spend a lot of time reviewing people's sites,
with try/error iterations very often [1].

I propose we replace the current listing with (a) nothing or (b) some pie
diagram with companies/institutions contributions (git log, or what best
addresses the need) to the project.

I would vote (a). If there is some consensus that contributing
companies/institutions should have some public recognition by the
community, then we can do (b). How companies position themselves on the
market is not something the community needs to address, but the company's
challenge. [2]

Kind regards

[1] I'm pretty sure we can write a script that generates different valid
sites that should be accepted for the list, so I find depressing that
people doesn't even do the effort to comply with the simple rules we have
[2] Unless we start an official partner program, but I'm sure we are still
far from that. If you want to actually be part of the Koha community and be
recognized, do something for the project, write a valuable article for the
newsletter, contribute an enhancement, actively report and/or fix bugs,
organize Koha promoting events: Get involved.

Tomás Cohen Arazi
Theke Solutions
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