[Koha] koha and wordpress

Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se
Fri Jan 30 22:10:19 NZDT 2015

> * Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se (Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se) wrote:
>> It would be quite possible to create a parser for extracting the content of a list and republishing title, author etc. in a nicely formated way on your wordpress site. But I’m more in favour of a more standardized way of extracting the data from Koha such as creating an RSS feed for both what public lists there are and the contents of each list. 
>> If anyone does want to fool around with parsing a Koha list with javascript I think the parser we created for parsing Koha in our federated search might be worth a look: https://github.com/regionbibliotekhalland/SamsokJS/blob/master/js/samsok/parsers.js
>> Unfortunately I don’t know of any quick and easy way to push the contents to Wordpress. But creating RSS feeds in Koha is not a very big developer job. It shouldn’t be all that expensive and if there is some plugin in worpress to display the contents of an RSS feed on your site then you should be set. 
> You could make a public report, in the reports section, then you would
> get a nice JSON output that you could import into Wordpress.

+1 for that. 

It would be possible to handwrite the necessary code in javascript, but my guess is that there are at least a few Wordpress plugins for displaying JSON content that is worth having a look at first. 

(Cited from the Koha manual if this is the first encounter with JSON reports: A public report is accessible via a URL that looks like this: http://MYOPAC/cgi-bin/koha/svc/report?id=REPORTID) 


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