[Koha] Help error 500

Barton barton at bywatersolutions.com
Fri Jan 30 11:40:47 NZDT 2015


Chris is correct, the best way to get help on this is to paste the 
appropriate apache error logs here -- having said that, an educated 
guess is that you have MARC records that have character set encoding 
issues, e.g. marc8 data in marc records that say that they are utf-8 


On 01/07/2015 07:35 PM, Chris Cormack wrote:
> * Boulier, Jack (jboulier at mticollege.edu) wrote:
>> I am new to Koha, cannot even get someone to respond to the help function. I am getting error 500 from my work stations when attempting to access koha as a client. Running using Ubuntu . My error appears when attempting to search for a subject on the main screen.
> Hi Jack
> You will need to (or get someone else to) view the apache error log
> for your Koha and paste the error here, before anyone will be able to
> help you.
> Chris

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