[Koha] Facets missing on fresh dev install of 3.18.3

Cindy Murdock Ames cmurdock at ccfls.org
Thu Jan 29 07:19:54 NZDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm working on setting up a new server with a fresh dev install of 3.18.3
(well, it was a fresh install of 3.18.2 last week but I've updated it)
using a copy of our database from our current server, which is running a
customized version of 3.01.133.  I've run updatedatabase.pl on it (manually
because otherwise apache times out) as well as
remove_items_from_biblioitems.pl.  Everything seems to work *except* for
the search facets.  I've done a lot of googling, and I suspect it has to do
with the new zebra faceting system, but I don't know enough about zebra to
figure out why this is happening, so I'd be grateful if someone could help
me figure this out.  Zebra appears to be working otherwise, I do get search
results, just no facets.  In other cases I found where people were having
trouble their indexing was not working at all because it wasn't fully
configured to use dom, but I chose to use dom from the installer and as far
as I can tell from my koha-conf.xml it's configured correctly.

Pertinent bits from koha-conf.xml:
<server id="biblioserver"  listenref="biblioserver">

href="/home/kohaclone/koha-dev/etc/zebradb/explain-biblios.xml" xmlns:xi="

<server id="authorityserver"  listenref="authorityserver" >



(Note--we don't use authorities so I haven't bothered to run
rebuild_zebra.pl with -a)


I've tried reindexing biblios with -x and without, doesn't seem to make any
difference.  I haven't done anything with any of the zebra config files,
they are just as they were downloaded.

The only anomaly I see in my logs is something like this every time I do a
search, in koha-zebradaemon-output.log

12:55:54-28/01 zebrasrv(10) [warn] ir_session (exception)

BTW this is running on Debian Wheezy.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for
any clue you can provide!

Cindy Murdock Ames
IT Services Director
Meadville Public Library | CCFLS
http://meadvillelibrary.org | http://ccfls.org

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