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Tue Jan 27 23:01:48 NZDT 2015

oops, didn't reply to the list

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Subject: 	Re: [Koha] Searches
Date: 	Tue, 27 Jan 2015 20:55:06 +1100
From: 	Bob Birchall <bob at calyx.net.au>
To: 	Philllip Ponchot <pponchot at gmail.com>

On 27/01/15 18:21, Philllip Ponchot wrote:
> Last year I upgraded my library to Koha 3.14 with the help of an excellent
> and reasonably priced vendor. It has made using Koha much better.
> I've had a few complaints, though about the searching of the catalog.
> After investigation, I think I understand the complaint.
> If you're searching for a book "The last detail" the search returns
> everything with the words "the", "last" "detail" with no particular
> attention to priority.  In other words the book "the last detail" will
> appear but maybe on page 12 of the results.
> I would like to modify the search algorithm so that the first returned
> results is when the words searched appear all together.
> Can anyone give me any hints on how to modify the search engine?

Use the DOM filter in Zebra: 
Perform a Title search rather than a keyword search.
Sort by Relevance.

I hope this helps.
Bob Birchall

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