[Koha] Help! Can't restore database after koha update

Gwyan Rhabyt gwyan.rhabyt at csueastbay.edu
Fri Jan 23 08:02:54 NZDT 2015

Our small school district library server needed updating (it was running
Ubuntu 11.10 which was having problems and was no longer supported). So I
upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04LTS and decided to upgrade Koha at the same time
(from 3.06 to 3.18).
The OS upgrade went smoothly.

For the Koha upgrade, I did a mysqldump of the library database (I also
backed up the complete user folder as a secondary fallback).
I then upgraded Koha which went fine (there were a couple of fiddles on
getting Apache2 happy, but they were documented in this group or on the

The problem has been that I can't seem to properly restore the library
Before the restore,Koha runs but has no books or patrons. When I looked in
the /var/lib/mysql/koha_paclibrary folder (paclibrary is our database), I
saw about 150 files, nearly all .frm files with a size of 12 blocks each.
I followed the instructions at
did the following:
sudo su
mysql -uroot -p
> drop database koha_paclibrary;  (response was Query OK, 178 rows affected)
> create database koha_paclibrary; (response was Query OK, 1 row affected)
> quit;
mysql -uroot -p koha_paclibrary < jan11dump.sql (which took a few minutes,
but returned to the prompt with no errors)

Now at this point I again looked in the folder
/var/lib/mysql/koha_paclibrary and there is only one file (db.opt) with a
size of 4 blocks.
I thought at first that the dump was wrong or small, but I checked and
jan11dump.sql is 81800 blocks and looks like it has all our info inside.

I tried running koha at this point on the web interface and it only gave me
the installer, as though koha had not been installed at all.

I tried a variety of things and then decided to uninstall koha, mysql,  and
apache (with sudo apt-get --purge remove)
The uninstall seemed clean. And I reinstalled  koha and everything happened
as before. No errors except the dump won't restore properly.

Can anyone give me pointers as to where to go from here? Is there a log of
the mysql restore that would give me details? I looked but couldn't find

At the moment, our library is at a standstill. Help!

Gwyan Rhabyt

Director, Multimedia Graduate Program
Professor, Art Department
California State University East Bay
President of the Board of Trustees, Pacific Elementary School District

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