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Lori Ayre loriayre at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 09:19:29 NZDT 2015

Nancy.  SIP2 does limit functionality. That said, it is also a protocol
that most vendors are familiar with so it is the easiest way to get your
self-checks going with RFID.

However, I would like everyone on this thread to pay attention to the
Library Communication Framework (LCF) which incorporates SIP, SIP2, NCIP
and even some ILL protocols and messages and defines a consistent framework
to use to extend beyond the limitations of SIP.

Bibliotheca and 3M are both aware of LCF and have either committed
resources, or promised to commit resources to using it.  The idea is to
make it easier for everyone to do the things we need to do without having
to go through all the headaches you are all describing everytime you change
your RFID vendor (or incorporate a new RFID product) or change ILS.  By
standardizing on the element names, messages, and what is expected in a
communication, it will make it easier (and cheaper) to enhance
functionality of all self-service functions as well as resource-sharing
functions and other functions that we are only dreaming of (which are not
supported by SIP).

Koha, as an open source product, should be among the ILS products that
support LCF but I have found, to my great disappointment, that the open
source ILS products are not all that good at using even the legacy
standards.  Some still don't support NCIP for example.

For LCF to gain any traction, it requires library people to learn about LCF
and put their development money into it and to demand support for LCF in
their procurements (for ILS as well as all things that talk to the ILS).  I
ask for it in every procurement I do with a client so it is at least on
everyone's radar.

I think it is incumbent on all Koha developers to at least look into LCF.
Otherwise, Kohacontinues on a track that is unique to Koha and puts
libraries in the position of having to wrangle with their RFID vendors and
possibly other 3P vendors. Going forward, this should not have to happen.
But only if people get on the LCF bandwagon.

This is where information about LCF lives if you'd like to check it out:

Lori Ayre

On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 10:04 AM, Keener, Nancy <NKeener at washoecounty.us>

> Our library is considering RFID in our near future.  Are there any Koha
> libraries out there using RFID?   Does SIP limit RFID functionality?  And
> finally, what vendor did you choose?
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