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Dobrica Pavlinušić dpavlin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 23:11:11 NZDT 2015

On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Sebastian Hierl <s.hierl at aarome.org> wrote:
> We are about to implement RFID with 3M. So far, in test mode, everything is
> working well, though we experienced some very long checkout times (Koha
> taking a long time to record the checkout of materials).
> If anyone implemented RFID with 3M, I would be grateful for any comments or
> advice on any issues to watch out for.

We did implementation of 3M selfchecks in our library 6 years ago
without much problem. Back in those days, we needed to patch a SIP
server little bit, but this is no longer the case.

We are not seeing long checkout times on selfchecks, but checkout
times do vary in our library depending on amount of circulation that
borrower has prior to this checkout. I haven't had time to take a look
with profiler to see why this is happening.

Having said all this, we are no longer using 3M selfcheck software,
mostly because we needed integration with new patron cards which are
mifare compatible and 3M software didn't had support for it. So we
migrated to web-based selfcheck solution which adds additional REST
query to Koha so we can get borrower number from one of unique
identifiers stored in extended attributes in Koha. While this solution
is not generally applicable to other libraries, it might serve as
starting point for somebody else who has similar requirements and want
to have free (as in beer and speech) solution for selfchecks:


Selfcheck software itself is web-based application which we run in
Chrome using it's kiosk mode (it's in examples folder). It does depend
on 3M RFID readers since it also have implementation of RFID driver as
REST server which web-based selfcheck mentioned above users. It also
communicate with Koha using SIP using same protocol as 3M selfchecks,
but it supports same hardware as 3M selfcheck uses, including touch
screen and 3M RFID reader and Omnikey. We are not using barcode reader
or slip printers.

Back in 2011 I had presentation about our RFID implementation at
KohaCon11, so you might find some useful info there also:


 ...2share!2flame... http://blog.rot13.org

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