[Koha] Testing SIP2 on koha 3.16.1 & koha 3.14

Abdulsalam Yousef ayousef at kwareict.com
Sat Jan 10 07:24:24 NZDT 2015

Hello all,
I've noticed that when connecting to sip server with telnet
on koha 3.16.1 and testing some commands like this

2300120080623    172148AOCL|AA123456|ACsipstation01|ADbadpassword

We get an answer with an arabic names, it seems to be good for about 30
mins and sometimes about 2 hours like this

24YYYY      YY  00120150109    203104AEمحمد احمد|AA123456|AFGreetings from

And after this period the arabic names become (?) like the following:

24YYYY      YY  00120150109    203104AE???? ????|AA123456|AFGreetings from

But when i tried koha 3.14 i got the Arabic names very good all the time,So
i tried to transfer the sip folder of koha 3.14 to koha 3.16.1 but the
problem still found, So the problem wasn't from SIP files.

Then i tried to transfer C4 folder of koha 3.14 to koha 3.16.1, and run sip
server fon koha 3.16.1, I got the Arabic names very good all the time like
koha 3.14, But off-course it makes some errors in koha pages cause of
incompatibility, So i think there some changes in C4 folder (.pm) files
affect sip server in koha 3.16.1 which violates sip server on koha 3.16.1
after a short time and convert Arabic characters to (?).
Any suggestions???

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