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Catherine Kerrigan Catherine.Kerrigan at acsa.sa.edu.au
Fri Jan 9 12:08:15 NZDT 2015

Just chiming in, we have Koha and an RFID system from FE Technologies.  We were the first Koha installation they had done and it took a lot of time and effort to get their software to talk to Koha via SIP - they even had to create a differentiated version of their software for it to work.  Since then, however, we haven't had any problems.  I would say though we are a very small library with only one self-check kiosk and whilst we have a checkout pad at the librarian's desk, I only use it for encoding tags, not for checking out as that part of the FE Tech software does not work very well with Koha.  It works but it's very fiddly and only does single items.

When we were looking at RFID systems, Bibliotheca and 3M were the others we looked at.  Bibliotheca sent us a quote but weren't interested otherwise.  3M Australia on the other hand have a lot of experience in doing Koha installations in New Zealand.  They were dearer than FE Tech though, which is why we went with FE Tech who had assured us they were compatible with Koha and fitted within our budget constraints.  If you have the money, I would suggest talking to 3M and ask them for contacts of installations they've done with Koha in NZ for feedback.


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