[Koha] Acquisitions Problem

Jack Morash jmorash at pacbell.net
Thu Jan 8 16:37:41 NZDT 2015

Evening Everyone,

Not sure if this is a bug or I've got a problem using Acquisitions in version 3.16.04. I'm trying to add an order into a basket under a vendor in Acquisitions. I've tried  using both "suggestions" and "a new empty record". Whenever I get down to the Accounting Details window and try to enter a Quantity, the system will not let me enter anything into that field. Naturally you can't process an order without a quantity and the system lets me know that. No problem with other fields.

Is this a bug I need to report or am I missing something? I've tried everything I can think of.

I have Koha
System is an Amazon EC2 linux Debian server.

Thanks for your assistance.

Jack Morash
Library Chairman
South Bay Historic Railroad Society

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