[Koha] Koha and RFID

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Jan 8 12:29:00 NZDT 2015

* Robin Sheat (robin at catalyst.net.nz) wrote:
> Jason M. Burds schreef op wo 07-01-2015 om 23:01 [+0000]:
> > 1. SIP connections are tremendous and will eventually lockup your SIP
> > server with flood messages.  We have to restart SIP server every
> > morning, to clear out log files.  
> Assuming you mean the Koha SIP service, this shouldn't be the case. If
> you like, it'd be good to get a more detailed report on what is going on
> here, as if it needs restarting, then it's a bug.

I think it might be this bug


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