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Jason M. Burds JBurds at dubuque.lib.ia.us
Thu Jan 8 12:01:58 NZDT 2015

We are in the end stages of a long and painful RFID migration.  To answer your question, SIP makes checkouts and check-ins work much faster.  

We chose Bibliotheca for our vendor.  They do have a Circ manager software that will connect with SIP and allow for multiple items checking in and out.  Our staff still has to bring up the patrons account in Koha to verify holds and overdues.  There are many bugs with it but overall it functions most of the time.  

Warning about Bibliotheca and Koha
1. SIP connections are tremendous and will eventually lockup your SIP server with flood messages.  We have to restart SIP server every morning, to clear out log files.  
2. RFID pads are not powerful and will disappoint you, expect to have to shuffle items to get them to read.  
3. Gates cannot detect DVD's with Stingray tags when the gate is set to only alarm on outgoing traffic.  You need bidirectional detection.  This may be important on how you tag your collection and how you plan your implementation.
4. Inventory device needs to run on Windows 7.  Good luck with anyone with a new PC in the last 2 years.  OS on inventory device is an old windows palm OS.  We are still waiting for a replacement for one that came bad out of the box, 2 months after receiving it.

Not to be overly negative about them, they do have a few good support staff and a programmer David who is excellent.  

In addition, we have Tech Logic self-checks that are near perfect on detection and RFID pads are 50% stronger.  Makes me wish we would have spent the money and went with them 100%.

Good luck and if you have any questions let me know.

Jason Burds
I.T. Supervisor
Carnegie-Stout Public Library

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On 31/12/14 07:04, Keener, Nancy wrote:
> Our library is considering RFID in our near future.  Are there any Koha libraries out there using RFID?   Does SIP limit RFID functionality?  And finally, what vendor did you choose?
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