[Koha] [Koha-devel] Any bugs you want worked on?

Renvoize, Martin martin.renvoize at ptfs-europe.com
Wed Jan 7 03:21:07 NZDT 2015

I attempted to tag up a few, but then cait brought to my attention that
tagging is personal in bugzilla?

I have however managed to save a search and make that public which cait can
use to find my three tagged bugs.. does that help at all Chris?

Martin Renvoize
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On 28 December 2014 at 18:21, Chris Cormack <chrisc at catalyst.net.nz> wrote:

> Hi all
> In a few weeks the next batch of bright young things will be participating
> in the catalyst open source academy.
> http://www.catalyst.net.nz/show-and-tell/open-source-academy
> Every year a team of 14-17 year olds does some work on Koha, fixing bugs,
> testing, etc.
> So in the preparation to the academy I encourage you all to tag any bugs
> you would like them to look at as 'academy' in bugzilla.
> Thanks for your help
> Chris
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